Friday, 13 July 2012

Agri Futures Today's Report- 13 July 2012

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There is a strong demand for Pepper Futures and hence is expected to trade higher in the near term. The trading range for MCX Pepper for today is 42525-43415. A support of 42770 and a resistance of 43415 is recommended for today.

MCX Cardomom futures declined on wednesday due to poor domestic demand. The new crops are expected to hit market by next month August !!! In case of MCX Jeera Futures, they are expected to trade up.

The MCX Jeera demand has also increased due to social unrest in Syria, competing exporter. According to analysts, rains and thundershowers are likely to hit many places of Gujarat. The MCX Jeera range for the day is 14890-16274. According to analysts, a support of 15351 and a resistance of 16274 will do good.

The Turmeric Futures are trading bullish, due to delayed rains. Due to lack of rains i n many places of Andhra Pradesh, Turmeric trading is down. Chili Futures Report seems like they are trading good. There is a firm demand of Chili, and due to delayed rains their are chances of hike in prices. Coriander Futures may rise due to daily arrivals for the season. 

The Mentha oil trading range is recommended between 1205.7-1295.5. The recommendations from analysts is for a support of 1234.1 and a resistance of 1279. In Intraday trading session, Mentha Oil is expected to trade higher due to hish domestic demand in market.

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