Friday, 27 July 2012

Free NCDEX Tips Today-Tomorrow

The NCDEX Chana today's price is Rs.4705.35. NCDEX Black Pepper remain unchanged today on Friday. Spot price of Wheat is Rs. 23 per quintal. NCDEX Turmeric prices went downs. Itis now trading at rs. 100 per quintal in Sangoli whereas in Erode Turmeric finger is priced at rs. 6,500 per quintal.

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

NCDEX Free tips Today-Most accurate Agri tips

NCDEX Agri Report Today:

NCDEX wheat price has dropped down by 7.75 and is now trading at 895.50. ncdex coffee is trading at 177.35 which has raised from 1.05 points or 0.6% from yesterday's trading session. On Wednesday, the NCDEX Pepper Futures was spotted at Rs.42300 per 100kg. NCDEX pepper Aug-12 contract saw an intraday high of 44380 and a low of 43550. The August-12 contract of NCDEX Jeera saw an intraday high of 16740 and a low of 16110. For ncdex jeera September-12 contract the intraday high is Rs. 17192.5 and a low of 16502.5. NCDEX Corriander Futures hit an intraday high of 4611 in the August Contract. Whereas in the September-12 contract it reached an high of 4748 and a low of 4548.
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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

NCDEX Live Price rates Today-Tomorrow

The ncdex Turmeric Futures saw a rise of 4.03% and touched rs.6,714 per quintal as per the domestic demand. For the NCDEX turmeric September contract, the high was Rs.260 that is it raised by 4.03%to hit Rs. 6,714. The ncdex chana Futures also gained by 0.31% to rs. 4,834 per quintaldue to the delayed rains. The ncdex sugar futures fell by Rs.24 and is now trading at Rs.3318.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

NCDEX Agri Trend Today-Tomorrow

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NCDEX chana saw good profits in today's trading session. The trading range for NCDEX Chana is 3778-3838. The NCDEX chana, April contract is havng resistance at 3870and support at 3710. It touched a high of Rs.5200 a quintal. The NCDEX chana prices have changed from Rs.65 to Rs.75 per Kg. NCDEX mustard seed Trading range is 4247-4483. NCDEX Turmeric Futures Traded at Rs.6264 per quintal up by 4.01% in the evening trade. NCDEX Jeera futures is trading at rs.15600 per 100Kg.

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Monday, 23 July 2012

Agri Tips For Today-Tomorrow

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Agri commodity tips on mobile: The Wheat trading range for today is 1419-1491. A support at 1437.7 and resistance at 1473.3 can be set. On Saturday, Wheat traded on a positive node. It traded 1.82% up at 1457.
Sugar futures went 2.6% higher while spot settled 1.68% higher on good demand. Sugar Futures may continue to trade on positve note. The chana(chickpea) has risen to Rs.6200 to Rs.7000.  MCX Jeera Futures may slide lower. MCX Jeera spot price is quoted as Rs.15300 per 100Kg. MCX turmeric may trade on higher note due to low supply caused by the lack of rainfall in turmeric producing states.
MCX cardomom prices are expected to rise due to delayed rainfall. Today Mentha oil is trading down. Mentha oil July contract intraday prices 1333. Agri tips for Mentha Oil July contract trading is to 'Sell' below 1333 with stop loss at 1339 and targets 1330-1327 levels.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Technical Report on NCDEX Agri Commodities

NCDEX Pepper August Trend:
Prices were trading in a tight range. According to researchers a support of 42800 seems to work for the bullish scene. 
The resistance and support levels are as follows:


NCDEX Jeera trend today looks like it has recovered from yesterdays losses and finally settled higher at 16270 levels. A support can be seen at 16500 level and further at 16750 levels. 
 The trend for NCDEX Jeera for today is:


The NCDEX Chana prices may go above 4840 levels for today. NCDEX Chilli Aug seems to cross 5400 levelsfor next bullish wave. NCDEX Sugar prices recovered yesterday. It has got a support of 3210 levels and a momentum towards 3281 followed by 3300 levels.

The technical trend/level for Agri Commodity today are:
A support of 15312 is recommended for NCDEX Jeera with a resistance of 17037. For NCDEX Turmeric a support of 5153 and a resistance of 5735 is recommended.


Thursday, 19 July 2012

NCDEX Agri Commodity Trend

 NCDEX Pepper is showing a volatile movement. High demand from the processors is keeping pepper on a high node. NCDEX pepper support and resistance is 42866 and 43594 respectively. NCDEX Turmeric is expected to get lower note in todays trading session. the support and resistance for mcx turmeric price chart is 5190 and 5367 respectively.

NCDEX Cardamom prices are also trading in a lower note.Ahead of ramdan, good demands are expected. NCDEX Cardamom support and resistance levels are: 1264 and 1369.2 respectively. Support and resistance levels for NCDEX Sugar is 3193 and 3256 respectively.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Agri Commodity Tips

July month has given the worse of monsoon effect NCDEX moves have increased the margins on soybeans and mustard. Cash margins on Commodity Exchange has increased from 5%, and for Mustard 5% cash margins have been increased from 16 per cent.

These Cash margins on soybean and mustard will be effective from Wednesday. Due to weak monsoon, oilseed prices are expected to grow. 

NCDEX Jeera prices was seen rising in domestic market, with high demand. The spot price for ncdex Jeera was quoted at Rs.14500 Per 100kg. Turmeric Futures also rises high and is expected to rise further due to delayed rains. The spot price have been set at Rs.5500 per 100 kg.

The NCDEX cardomom Prices are expected to maintain the current level. MCX Crude oil july contract has gone up by +52 Rs. Whereas the intraday crude oil has touched a low of 4822 levels. 

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Free Agri Tips today-tomorrow

Due to slow progress of monsoons this year, the Indian turmeric futures high on Monday. India is the biggest producer and exporter of the yellow spice and is expected to 30% this season. Today at 8:41 am, the August contract rose up by 2.99% to Rs.5,450 per 100kg after hitting a contract high of Rs.5,478.

Jeera or cumin seed, hit a contract high of Rs.16,247.5. The August Jeera contract was up by 1.23% to Rs.16,035 per 100 kg. Jeera is planted during winter season, its planting is done during october and the monsoon's help in keeping the soil moist. At Unjha, a market in Gujarat, the Jeera prices rose to Rs.15,508 per 100kg.

The trading in pepper futures was weak as traders cashed out gains at higher levels. The August contract fell by 0.59% to Rs.43,050 per 100kg. It has risen more than 4% this month. According to analysts, their are less chances of prices falling beyond Rs.42,500, whereas there are chances that it may touch Rs.44,000 in short term.

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Friday, 13 July 2012

Agri Futures Today's Report- 13 July 2012

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There is a strong demand for Pepper Futures and hence is expected to trade higher in the near term. The trading range for MCX Pepper for today is 42525-43415. A support of 42770 and a resistance of 43415 is recommended for today.

MCX Cardomom futures declined on wednesday due to poor domestic demand. The new crops are expected to hit market by next month August !!! In case of MCX Jeera Futures, they are expected to trade up.

The MCX Jeera demand has also increased due to social unrest in Syria, competing exporter. According to analysts, rains and thundershowers are likely to hit many places of Gujarat. The MCX Jeera range for the day is 14890-16274. According to analysts, a support of 15351 and a resistance of 16274 will do good.

The Turmeric Futures are trading bullish, due to delayed rains. Due to lack of rains i n many places of Andhra Pradesh, Turmeric trading is down. Chili Futures Report seems like they are trading good. There is a firm demand of Chili, and due to delayed rains their are chances of hike in prices. Coriander Futures may rise due to daily arrivals for the season. 

The Mentha oil trading range is recommended between 1205.7-1295.5. The recommendations from analysts is for a support of 1234.1 and a resistance of 1279. In Intraday trading session, Mentha Oil is expected to trade higher due to hish domestic demand in market.

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Agri Tips for Today, 12 July 2012

MCX Agri Commodity Outlook
MCX cardomom price went high with 16.4 points and is now trading at 1180 points. It declined on wednesday due to poor domestic demand. In MCX Cardamom (Aug) traded in the evening session at Rs.1334 per Kg, a decline of 2.70% and open interest of the contract stood at 1964 lots.

NCDEX Jeera( April) prices hit lower limit in today's trading session and continues down trend. It is trading in the range of 12252.50-12700 per quintal in today's trading session till now.

NCDEX Wheat gained on Wednesday afternoon due to large domestic demand after India allowed 2 million tons of wheat exports. Wheat in NCDEX August contract traded at Rs.1260 per quintal, higher by 1.12% so far and open interest of the contract stood at 1770 lots.

MCX Mentha oil futures gained on Wednesday by the traders due to rising spot demand. It is expecting an upward movement because of the high arriving demands. Mentha oil(Aug) contract traded in the afternoon session at Rs.1238.90 per Kg, higher by 0.97% and open interest of the contract stood at 1685 lots for the time being.

NCDEX Coriander futures continued upward trend as traders booked profits on the back of subdued domestic demand. Coriander in NCDEX August contract traded at Rs.4054 per quintal. It showed a decline by 1.07%.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

MCX, NCDEX Tips for today-tomorrow

NCDEX Jeera tips Today:
NCDEX Jeera August price ended up by Rs. 100 per quintal at Rs. 15,465. Jeera spot prices zoomed by Rs. 500 per quintal to Rs. 13,000-14,000 per quintal in today's trading sessions. Technically, the August Jeera is likely to find resistance at Rs. 15,600, Rs. 15,700 and support is at Rs. 15,230, Rs. 15050 per quintal.

MCX Crude tips for today:

MCX Crude oil market traded up Rs 3 at Rs 700-701 per 10 kg, while in Mumbai it highed up Rs 5 at Rs 705 per 10 kg.

MCX Chana Tips:

In Mumbai, Australia chana new priced steady at Rs 4,951 per quintal. However, the commodity market offered a steady response at Rs 4,451 per quintal.

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